Press Release

      November 19, 2014


      Creating a new model for clinical trial recruitment, CureClick.com has partnered with WEGO Health and TrialReach to make consumer healthcare influencers a vital part of helping patients find clinical trials.



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      By Fard Johnmar

      Sept 19, 2014


      A little over a year-and-a-half ago, I wrote a column for Marketing:Health focusing on the emergence of technology-aided content personalization. It was one of my most popular essays.



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      by Fabio Gratton, Innovation Catalyst Sonic Health

      Sept 12, 2014


      The days of creating meaningful, relevant and memorable advertising are pretty much over—especially in the digital world. And healthcare is no exception. As an industry, it appears we’ve shifted our focus from designing ads that stop to ads that stalk.



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      Digital Edition - Bonus Content

      September 2014


      Pocket.MD, a free online service created by Alchemy Factory, has curated a directory of mobile applications created by healthcare companies for medical professionals, patients, caregivers, and consumers.  



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      By John Mack

      August 21, 2014


      To get the perspective of patient advocates, Pharma Marketing News accessed the Truvio health consumer influencer panel. Truvio is powered by the WEGO Health Activist Network of more than 100,000 opted-in and vetted consumer health influencers from more than 130 health conditions and topics.



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      by Fabio Gratton

      August 18, 2014


      Though mobile phone apps have long been regarded as potential 'game changers' in healthcare, the journey has been slower than many digital gurus expected, with surprisingly few apps actually designed to bring value to patients. Is pharma getting the message right?



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      By Fabio Gratton, Innovation Catalyst for Sonic Health

      August 13, 2014


      When I first started in this industry 17 years ago I was just as naive, ignorant, and arrogant as I am now...



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      Press Release

      August 11, 2014


      New partnership will give better clinical trial access and information to over 100,000 patient influencers.



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      The Entrepreneurs: Fabio Gratton

      August 1, 2014


      These extraordinary leaders, representing a wide range of industry sectors and functional areas of expertise, are having a positive impact on their colleagues, their companies, and the greater healthcare community. 



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      By Sarah Morgan

      March 1, 2014


      [excerpt] The prescribing of orphan and specialty drugs is at a crossroads, where access issues are acutely felt—and things may get worse. As these drugs account for a larger part of total spend, insurers say a barrage of tactics are needed to manage costs. Sarah Morgan on why this is a defining moment.



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      By Brian Mondry and Jo Boxall (Kantar Health)

      Feb 27, 2014


      Empowered patients, or citizen experts as they are often called, are becoming one of the most powerful forces in healthcare, which means the pharmaceutical industry must learn to effectively engage with them. Here, new research presented by Kantar Health explores exactly what is driving patient empowerment and what it means for pharma.



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      By Robin Robinson

      Feb 2014, PharmaVoice


      [excerpt] Pocket.md, a directory of mobile medical applications, lists more than 1,500 mobile apps that have been produced by biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies. Out of those apps, fewer than 10% are for patients living with chronic diseases, while a majority...



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      By Fabio Gratton & Ross Fetterolf

      Dec 2013, Medical Marketing & Media


      [excerpt] Zoe Dunn's recent article, “Should pharma abandon social media?” raised some compelling points that called into question pharma's approach to patient engagement through social media...



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      Press Release

      Sept 30, 2013


      [excerpt] WEGO Health ( www.wegohealth.com ), the first online home for consumer health opinion leaders, today announced a breakthrough in social consumer research with the introduction of Truvio ( www.truvio.com ), the first influencer-powered, voice-response mobile research platform for the healthcare and biotechnology industries.



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      July 2013


      When it comes to the topic of pharma’s use of social media, we’ve been having this same conversation for over a decade, with more fervor of course since the 2009 hearings, and it’s pretty much the same music and lyrics.



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      Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA, for Huffington Post

      March 2012


      In part 2 of a 4-part series on the impact of gaming on healthcare, Fabio Gratton answers the question, "How is gaming helping to change the landscape in health care?"


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